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I am the silken ruby
Emerald are my eyes
My beauty goes unrivalled
My soul the essence of lies
Let the fear of me surround you
I shall feed upon your cries
Consume your very being
So my blackened soul might rise
I am the twisted thorns which bind you
The hidden darkness down below
Resist not this malevolent allure
Come, follow me to shadow?
:iconepicoflilith:EpicOfLilith 1,729 22
Succubus Line-art by EpicOfLilith Succubus Line-art :iconepicoflilith:EpicOfLilith 2,525 23 Big Boss Mustang (Complete) by BluelightNoon Big Boss Mustang (Complete) :iconbluelightnoon:BluelightNoon 44 20


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people I miss:
mat45636 SomeCoolDrawings GummyTheBearYT FluffyAndCranky JKuna kittydogcrystal ViolettKitten IcewingDrawer Silvarwyre TurtleArmyJess 
People I will forever miss
SwagThePSYCO LiamTheCatGuy 
(Liam was part of a wildfire in LA and Im unable to contact him anymore ;-;)
Key-Lime [REF-SHEET]
Made with DeviantArt muro

Made with dA muro.
Refrence inspired by Sleepykinq


Basic Information

Full name: Unknown

Nickname(s)/known as: Key-lime

Gender: Them/They

Species: Skeleton of Unknown Species

Birth date:  March 14, 2007/2008

Age: 5

Religion: ?

Sexuality: Straight

Languages spoken: Cant speak properly, but can say some things in English

Relation ship status: Single


House type: Cave/Forest Area

Do they share their house with anyone/ have any roommates?: No

Buildings owned: --

Physical Appearence

Height: 3'2

Figure build: Bony (Literally) 

Body features 

Body features:Horns, Heart/spade at the end of tail


Smoker? Illegal

Drinker? Illegal

Drugs? Illegal

Addictions: --

Birth effects: --

Medical issues:  --

Food allergies: Milk

Medication: --


Personality: Childish, Fun, Sweet, Easy-going, Productive

Likes: Animals


Phobias/fears: Astrapophobia, 

Favorite color(s): Any pastel colors

Hobbies: Exploring


Talents/skills: Singing, drawing, being themselves

Ability to drive a car/vehicles?: Illegal

Eating habits

Carnivore (meat)/Herbivore (vegan)/ Omnivore (both): Omnivore

Favorite food(s): Leaves (Mint, Tea Tree, Oak), mint chocolate chip ice cream, Crumpets

Favorite drink(s): Soda

Disliked food(s):  Fish

Disliked drink(s): --


Education level: Medium

Qualifications: --

Current job title(s): 5 Year old being


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful

Fighting method(s): Using their tail

Special skills/Magical powers/ etc: Claws can become sharper in an instant, Wings

Weapon of choice (If any): Tail

Weakness(es) in combat:  Easily dizzy

Strength in combat: Agile, running fast

Family, friends and foes

Parents names: ???

Parents alive or dead? ???

Siblings? Relation ship with siblings? 1 sister

Sibling names: French silk

Other relatives: --

Best friend(s): Fangurl, Kat ( SomeCoolDrawings )  Lluna ( GummyTheBearYT 

Foes: "mystery anon cat"

Partner/Spouse: --
Cool facts: 
They can run faster on four legs.
Since they only have 3 claws, they must pick most things up with their tail.
They like to wander the forest and climb Mt. Sunrise.
When different feelings are expressed, eye pupils  can change shapes. here is the guide log for emotions:
Blank = Fine 
Circles/Ovals = Happy
Exclamation points = Surprised 
Lightning bolts = Excited
Hearts = Pure
Broken hearts = Angry
Slurred/ broken circles = Sad
Fireballs = Outraged
Question marks = confused
"Z" = Tired
Swirls = Dizzy/Dazed/Dozing off
 Name: Kya

- Single or taken: Single 

- Sex: Female

- Birthday: May 21

- Sign: Gemini

- Hair color: brown with Hazelish brown highlights

- Eye color:  Deep dark brown

- Height:  4 ft ;3;

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Im not gonna answer that one.


- What kind of shampoo do you use?:  TRESemme

- What are you listening to right now?: Calvin Haris - My way

- Who is the last person that called you?:  GummyTheBearYT 

- How many buddies are online right now?:  8


- Animal: Red panda, Foxes, Wolves, Raccoons, Rabbits, Pumas, Kangaroos, Koalas, Chimps, and Pandas

- Colour: Blue

- Drink: Ramune, soja, cucumber lemonade, sparkling juice, tea and bubble tea

- Element: Nature

- Food: Sandwitches, chocolate, cake, Salmon

- Game:  Undertale

- Movie: Coco, HOME, White chicks, KIll Bill

- Song: Anything but Nikki and Jake paul

- Subjects in school: Math, Science, English, Art, Biology, Music

- T.V.: Stranger things, Pokemon

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

- Given anyone a bath?: No

- Smoked?: nEVAH

- Bungee jumped?: What?! No

- Made yourself throw up?: Yes

- Skinny dipped?: Ew no

- Ever been in love?: Yes.... I am in love rn!

- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?:  Yes

- Pictured your crush naked?: wTF NO-

- Actually seen your crush naked?: NOOO IM NOT A PERVERT

- Cried when someone died?: Yes....

- Lied: Yes

- Fallen for your best friend?:  NAWT GONNA ANSWER THAT ONE EITHER 

- Used someone?: Nope

- Done something you regret?: Yes.


- Clothes: Turtleneck and jeans

- Desktop picture:  Fangurl being weird

- CD in player: --

- DVD in player: --

L A S T | P E R S O N

- You touched: Mom

- Hugged: Mom

- You kissed: eW

- You IMed: what?

- Talk to online: GummyTheBearYT 

- You sexed it up with: wHAT NO NEVER WTF

A R E | Y O U

- Understanding?: Yes

- Open-minded?: Eh

- Arrogant?: Meh...?

- Insecure?: Sorta

- Random?: YES.

- Hungry?: Uhuh

- Smart?: Eh...

- Moody?:  No

- Organized?: NO-

- Shy?: Yes

- Difficult?: No

- Bored easily?: Y E S

- Entertained easily?: Uhuh

- Obsessed?:  YES

- Lazy?: Yas

- Angry?:  No

- Happy?: YES 

- Hyper?:  YAAAAAA

- Trusting?:  Yes

- In the morning: I eat breakfast

- Love is: AMAZING!

- I dream about: My frieinds, family, and dogs

- What do you notice first in the sex you're into: uHHH WHAT

- Makes you laugh the most: My friends, my moms jokes, my older sibling's teasing and my little sisters nonsense

- Makes you smile: My dog, my friends and family

-Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: WHen I havent seen my friends in a long time I just get SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM
D O | Y O U | E V E R

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to you?:  nah

- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?:  SOOOMEtiems

- Wish you were younger?: sometimes

- Cry because someone said something to you?: yes.


- Of times I have had my heart broken?:  twice

- Of Cd's:  like 12

- Of scars on my body: I have a BUNCH of scars on my arms (not from self harm, but falling SO many times on the plaground)

- Of bones I've broken: none

Original by Tuxah or someone idk lol
Okay. So here are the rules. Fill in a question with x if it has a box next to it. If not, type your answer. You have to tag the people you want to do it. You may check out as many boxes as you'd want. Ill answer these myself, but you have to copy and paste this so just delete what I wrote >w< You are also welcome to answer these questions as and OC. 

If you HAD to dye your hair one of these colors, what would it be?
[]Gray (RIP
What kind of foods do you like?
[x] Meat. Who wouldn't want it?
[x] Veggies. I like to stay healty!
[x] Sugar. I love to be hyper!
Someone you hate from your class comes up to
you and confesses that they have a crush on you.
What do you do/say?
[] Simply say you don't like them back
[] Be kind and accept their feelings
[] "Ew. Nope, get away."
[x] Feel awkward and make an excuse to get away
[] Be kind but decline their feelings
[] PAINFULLY roast and reject them (rip that person)
[] "Im dating someone. Sorry!"
What kind of clothes do you desire to wear?
[x] Long-sleeves
[x] Jeans
[x] Sweatshirts/Hoodies
[x] Joggers
[x] Turtlenecks
[] Sports jerseys
[] Skirt/Dresses
[x] Tank/Tube/Crop-tops
Typing section
Someone the same gender tries to flirt with you. You..
Go along with it. I'd eventually make an excuse and leave, but still, i'd be fine.

What is your favorite Band/Singer?
I LOOOOVE Astro (K-pop) and One Republic, And TWENTY ØNE PILØTS, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Incubus, and
Foo Fighters, and Katy perry, and...... I could go on for hours ^w^

You are the new RULER OF THE UNIVERSE! What would you do?
I would make it illegal to pollute and replace car fuel with hydrogen and just make the world a better place.
When was your last time outside?
Earlier today (Walking my dog)

How many friends do you have?
like 8

SomeCoolDrawings mat45636 IcewingDrawer GummyTheBearYT JKuna FluffyAndCranky TheSkeletonKid ViolettKitten 

[GB Funa] Walkin' home
Made with DeviantArt muro
Moon/Moonypie (GB Lluna) GummyTheBearYT 
Fanboi/"The storm" (Genderbent Fangurl) Me
Awe I love these two as guys. I really like fangurl being a gay af smooshp :3
Happy 2018!
Made with DeviantArt muro
Lluna - GummyTheBearYT 
Fangurl - me
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love all of you! Especially you, lluna!
Merry X-mas!
Made with DeviantArt muro
12:00 struck the clock and im in bed so I decided to make this 
Mat ( mat45636 
Skulldust ( Sailor-Fanatic11 
Fangurl ( me
Lluna ( GummyTheBearYT 
Kat ( SomeCoolDrawings 

Tags: ppl up there :3
STATUS : I N N A C T I V E - Pg1
Made with DeviantArt muro
 This comic is a story where I deactivate my deviantart account, deleting all characters except for fangurl. She is forced to stay in an endless broken darkness and live there. Her world turns gray and nothing moves but her. She is the only colorful item there. Shes the new sun. Shes the new moon. Shes the one little ball of light in an empty, gray, depressing world. One day, while gazing at what is left of her friends and universe, she sees these strange figures with color, light, and even power moving and creeping around her deserted town. She tries to investigate as much as she can, until one day one encounters her. Another approaches, until she was surrounded by them. What will she do next?

Sorry for the laziness in this comic! I will try to do better! 
Character list for SATUS : I N A C T I VE
Fangurl (mine
Pop-tart (mine
Wiz (mine
Lluna ( GummyTheBearYT 
Kat ( SomeCoolDrawings 
Mat ( mat45636 
Skulldust ( Sailor-Fanatic11 
If anyone DOESN'T want their character featured in this comic at somepoint, please just say so     
                   Wing (left) Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Wing (right) 
Comic Trailor/Cover | STATUS : I N A C T I V E
Made with DeviantArt muro
This comic is about when I Deactivate my Deviantart account (WICH IS NOT HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON) Setting the other characters free, but fangurl gets trapped behind when the void closes on her. She would live in this empty world until she sees some mysterious characters shifting and waiting around her house, trying not to be seen. What/who are these things and what do they want? are they able to help fangurl in any way?
[REF SHEET] Fangurl Lamki
Made with dA muro.
Refrence inspired by Sleepykinq
Update: Ref sheet updates, new phobias added, Housing section added
Basic Information

Full name: Kai "Fangurl" Lamki

Nickname(s)/known as: Fangurl

Gender: Female

Species: Fox/Arctic Fox

Birth date: December 20th, 2004

Age: 13

Religion: Christianity

Sexuality: Pansexual

Languages spoken: English, some Japanese

Relation ship status: Dating


House type: City style apartment

Do they share their house with anyone/ have any roommates?: No

Buildings owned: 2

Physical Appearence

Height: 4'5

Figure build: Normal, Healthy, Short, Scawny

Body features

Body features: Very goopy slime-like insides


Smoker? Illegal

Drinker? Illegal

Drugs? Illegal

Addictions: Sugar

Birth effects: There is a genetic disorder in her that makes her fur/coat fluffier in the winter then the summer.

Medical issues: Hanahaki Disease, some slight traces of ADD

Food allergies: Shellfish

Medication: None


Personality: Fangurl is very aggressive most of the time, but mostly with people she doesn't know/trust.  When you earn her trust, she is very kind and will protect you from anything she can. She is mentally insane, but can be the most oddly satisfactory person you'd hang with. She enjoys people with bright spirits, and she would rarely yell or act rude in front of people she loves, but she would still pick a fight with anyone she must. 

Likes: Friends, fun, sugar, beaches, cities

Dislikes: Negativity, bullies, being alone, and lobster

Phobias/fears: Nyctophobia, Astrapophobia, Monophobia, Iatrophobia, Nosemaphobia, Acrophobia, Athazagoraphobia, atychiphobia

Favorite color(s): Cyan, teal

Hobbies: Cooking, singing, drawing, baking, reading, technolgy


Talents/skills: Cooking, singing, drawing, baking, comedy, design

Ability to drive a car/vehicles?: Illegal

Eating habits

Carnivore (meat)/Herbivore (vegan)/ Omnivore (both): Omnivore

Favorite food(s): Cake, Sushi, Rolls, Pasta, Steak

Favorite drink(s): Melow yellow, Chocolate milk shake, Fanta

Disliked food(s): Lobster, lamb,  brussel sprouts, Most types of cheeses

Disliked drink(s): Protein shakes


Education level: Medium

Qualifications: chef

Current job title(s): Barista, Chef, Artist


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful

Fighting method(s): Making the enemy dizzy

Special skills/Magical powers/ etc: Once had wings but were ripped out at birth

Weapon of choice (If any): A sword

Weakness(es) in combat: Skin is fragile so is easily cut, wounded, and bruised, Falls alot, Gets dizzy often

Strength in combat: Damage to enemy

Family, friends and foes

Parents names: Jackwill II Lamki, Ivory Lamki

Parents alive or dead? Dead

Siblings? Relation ship with siblings? Yes. Four brothers, one adopted and the rest pure. All older. Relationship: The adopted brother is really wholesome with Kai and the rest of her brothers are very cruel.

Sibling names: Thomas Lamki (Adopted), Jackwill III Lamki, Jasper Lamki, Alexander Lamki

Other relatives: --

Best friend(s): Kat (Property of SomeCoolDrawings), Lluna (Property of school friend) Derpykinq (Property of other school friend).

Foes: "Mystery anon cat", Rachel Blackwill.

Partner/Spouse: Lluna
Cool facts:
Friends with some youtubers.
Sometimes you can see a shadow with wings underneath her.
When she feels like shes angry or about to lose her sanity, her eyes can turn a very very dark teal and then begin to leak the same color. Her tears are teal aswell, but the leaking isnt tears, its an unknown substance.
        =-------DECEMBER 20TH-------= 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Freshtalefangirl's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Im an 11 year old girl on the internet who is a furry and a markiplier fangirl. I love drawing, singing, playing games, my friends, and being just plain goofy. Im a fangirl of everything and i love markiplier, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, logan paul, guava juice, shawn wasabi, k-pop (Astro and EXO mostly :3) Watch out, im sensitive and i can be over-protective at times. Like for example, i y=would see art theft and i would alert the original and then curse up a storm at the theif. Im trying to work on that problem, so please dont get too angry with me! Im also gullable to spam bots and scams but i dont trust any link with the name "tiny url" or the letter q in it. Also, enjoy my cute artwork! My oc is a blue fox person who thinks shes a mary-sue but lives with her everyday problems. She friends with my other ocs and some other real people. I may be a markiplier fangirl, but i LOOOOVE Amy! Shes amazing! I actually found out about amy and i really like her! And, nu im not marks wife and gf, i just fangirl over pictures becuase thats what life wants me to do(?). Yup, thats all!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!^THANKS FOR READING THIS^!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What i am:
-Septiplier trash
-Phan trash
-Fangurl of everything
-Blue fox person
-Overly Un-sexual succubus
-A smol cute robot
-Two love bunnies
-An edgy pop-tart cat


Everyone! Im doing commissions!
?!~~:R U L E S:~~!?
What i WILL draw:
Ocs, Video game characters, Fursonas, Anime, (MAYBE) pokemon, People, youtubers, and chibi.

What i WONT draw:
Vore, Foot fedishes, Violent/Gore themed characters, Characters with Sexual/Kinky themes, Ocs that make NO SENSE whatsoever, and death treats.

I will NOT use bases.

If commissions are closed, PLEASE do not beg/ constantly request them. If any of you do this, i will alert you with a warning, and the time commissions will be open again. If done mutiple times, then i will BAN you from commissions, Ignore you, or just mark you as spam.

D O  N O T  S E N D  N O T E S  P L E A S E. 
If you send a note saying "It not working" Or "I need help" I will Gladly accept.
If you send a note saying "My commission is late" Or "PLZZZ I DONT HAVE POINTS PLZZZ" I will mark you as spam. 

The commissions are only 10 points since im a beginer. 

If you have any issues with this, please let me know.


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