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YCH - strech | 4 slots open by Freshtalefangirl YCH - strech | 4 slots open :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 5 10 HUGE transformice selfie with the enTIRE ROOM by Freshtalefangirl HUGE transformice selfie with the enTIRE ROOM :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 3 0 (flash/epilepsy warning) B a b e ' s   T a i l s by Freshtalefangirl
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Ross isn't cool (GIF by Freshtalefangirl Ross isn't cool (GIF :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 4 8 Babe (Ref Sheet, Bio is Desc) by Freshtalefangirl Babe (Ref Sheet, Bio is Desc) :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 6 7 Flipaclip Art test by Freshtalefangirl Flipaclip Art test :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 2 11 Punjii's Sunset by Freshtalefangirl Punjii's Sunset :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 3 3 eRrOr_603_syStEm_lOSt by Freshtalefangirl eRrOr_603_syStEm_lOSt :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 4 41 Corrupt Fangurl REDESIGN by Freshtalefangirl Corrupt Fangurl REDESIGN :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 4 21 [Vent] Happy timmeeee~! by Freshtalefangirl [Vent] Happy timmeeee~! :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 4 5 [Vent] I know we can make it bETTERRRR by Freshtalefangirl
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[Vent] I know we can make it bETTERRRR :iconfreshtalefangirl:Freshtalefangirl 1 5
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YCH - strech | 4 slots open
------ rules --------------------------------------
don't steal this because this is is not a base
please don't use this if you haven't bought it
i can't make ychs so often since i have schoolwork and im moving soon so I have to focus on those
don't beg me after it's closed
price - 20 :points: 
Star! - bought
:check: - completed  
slot 1 : --
slot 2 : --
slot 3 : --
slot 4 : --
hey you guys!
im making a new species!
it's called the Delsiirü.
details will come out after I finish the refs and and animation.
SansLovesKai told me she's scared of coming out to her parents as transgender because she's part of a super-christian household and feels like she can't be who she wants to be because they hate lgbttq+ people
to sansloveskai's parents
that's just wrong
a person should be who they want to be and be respected for it
and a message to any other parents like this
if you are raising your child in a household where certain forms of people aren't respected and are rather hatred upon
it's basically sinning in my mind
so what she doesn't want to be a girl
she plays with trucks and action figures
jesus should love her because they are themselves
she isn't commiting a sin
she isn't disrespecting you
she isn't trashing her neighbor's lawn
and she isn't having any saitanic rituals or some other stuff like that
so don't clip her wings
good parents would let their children soar
Babe (Ref Sheet, Bio is Desc)
Refrence inspired by Sleepykinq


Refrence inspired by Sleepykinq
Update: Ref sheet updates, new phobias added, Housing section added
Basic Information

Full name: Babe (Full name Unknown)

Nickname(s)/known as: Babe, T-bone (Only some people call her this)

Gender: Female (Mostly BI-gender but main gender is female)

Species: Silver Labrador Retriever

Birth date: 2004 June 27

Age: 14


Sexuality: Lesbian

Languages spoken: English, Russian

Relation ship status: Crushing on someone


House type: City style apartment

Do they share their house with anyone/ have any roommates?: No

Buildings owned: 1

Physical Appearence

Height: 5'11

Figure build: Healthy, "Thicc"

Body features

Body features: --


Smoker? No

Drinker? Depends

Drugs? No

Addictions: Pain, Sexually induced topics

Birth effects: In some cases she may have a diamond shaped pupil in one eye, she has no pupils but can still see

Medical issues: --

Food allergies: --

Medication: None


Personality: Babe is quite the slut. She loves messing around with whoever she likes sexually, and she is one hell of a sinner. She never likes too much violence, but likes hurting herself only because it feel amazingly good to her. She doesn't trust people she doesn't know, and she's pretty kinky. She likes to tease Fangurl for being not all lusty like her. She likes people who are nice and can share common intrests. She enjoys painting, but doesn't do that much. She's just addicted to sexual related topics...

Likes: Friends, fun, sugar, beaches, cities

Dislikes: Negativity, bullies, being alone, and lobster


Favorite color(s): Cyan, teal

Hobbies: Cooking, singing, drawing, baking, reading, technolgy

Mental Disorders: Masochism


Talents/skills: Cooking, singing, drawing, baking, comedy, design

Ability to drive a car/vehicles?: Illegal

Eating habits

Carnivore (meat)/Herbivore (vegan)/ Omnivore (both): Omnivore

Favorite food(s): Fangurl's pasta, School cafetira Pizza, Salads, fruits of any kinds, Conchas

Favorite drink(s): RootBeer, Cherry Soda

Disliked food(s): Brussel Sprouts

Disliked drink(s): Almond Milk


Education level: Medium

Qualifications: --

Current job title(s): Student


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful

Fighting method(s): Distracting the enemy

Special skills/Magical powers/ etc: 2 tails can turn into Venus-Fly-Trap like creatures, and attack the target

Weapon of choice (If any): Tails

Weakness(es) in combat: Not too agile so is easily stumbled upon, may get dizzy and pass out

Strength in combat: Damage

Family, friends and foes

Parents names: 

Parents alive or dead? Mother Alive, Father dead

Siblings? Relation ship with siblings? 1 Little sister named Lily who is mute but can easly show emotion. Lily has quite a good relationship with Babe.

Sibling names: Lily

Other relatives: --

Best friend(s): Suki (Belongs to Qtpink ), Fangurl (mine)

Foes: "Mystery anon cat", Rachel Blackwill.

Partner/Spouse: --
Cool facts: 
-Likes to f*ck around with Suki from time to time.
-When angry, her accent can turn british and she can just start randomly rambling british phrases.
-Will ocasionally feed her 2 bad-ass chomper tails.
-Long, Slimey dog tounge.
-Non-virgin (obviously).
-She likes Conchas/Pan Dulce (Mexican little sell shaped Breads with a sweet taste)
Flipaclip Art test
yaaayy I like Flipaclip's tools an stuff so i might just be using it for now on to draw :P
Punjii's Sunset
Made with DeviantArt muro
This is a Ferral OC that I made a few days ago, but ive already gone REALLLY far into its past and backstory, and Im adding more to these Draggo-Doggo Specimen.
Made with DeviantArt muro
Here is Corrupt's strongest form. Here, she bleeds more, and hernon-working eye acts as a computer screen.
Corrupt Fangurl REDESIGN
Made with DeviantArt muro
Overly Obessive Fangurl was a pretty off name so I changed it to Corrupt. Lol.
Fangurl: ...Long time no see.
Corrupt: Ugh, you again..
Fangurl: Heh. You look better. What'd you do to your ear?
Corrupt: ....Nothing.
Discord Servers
Made with DeviantArt muro
I have a new discord server and also my friend gummy made one so you may check those out down here:

GummyTheBearYT 's server:
My server:
Sorry guys Iim not replying to comments but ill try to im just trying to find a new art program
Koa (My puppy)
This is the little work of art that has been keeping me from posting. Meet koa, my lab! I just adore this lil guys, and Ive been spending so much time with him lately.
Meet the artist! [200 Llama special ]
Made with DeviantArt muro
Hi guys, its meeeeEEEE! Im in a really good mood today, and I just reached 200 llama badges! THANK YOU!!!
I will do a REAL face reveal once I have 1,000 llamas :>



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Freshtalefangirl's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Im an 11 year old girl on the internet who is a furry and a markiplier fangirl. I love drawing, singing, playing games, my friends, and being just plain goofy. Im a fangirl of everything and i love markiplier, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, logan paul, guava juice, shawn wasabi, k-pop (Astro and EXO mostly :3) Watch out, im sensitive and i can be over-protective at times. Like for example, i y=would see art theft and i would alert the original and then curse up a storm at the theif. Im trying to work on that problem, so please dont get too angry with me! Im also gullable to spam bots and scams but i dont trust any link with the name "tiny url" or the letter q in it. Also, enjoy my cute artwork! My oc is a blue fox person who thinks shes a mary-sue but lives with her everyday problems. She friends with my other ocs and some other real people. I may be a markiplier fangirl, but i LOOOOVE Amy! Shes amazing! I actually found out about amy and i really like her! And, nu im not marks wife and gf, i just fangirl over pictures becuase thats what life wants me to do(?). Yup, thats all!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!^THANKS FOR READING THIS^!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What i am:
-Septiplier trash
-Phan trash
-Fangurl of everything
-Blue fox person
-Overly Un-sexual succubus
-A smol cute robot
-Two love bunnies
-An edgy pop-tart cat


Halfbody Portrait + Details and backround
The title describes basically everything, so yeah.
Will draw
Will not draw
-Ocs with complex designs and/or outfits

Journal History


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